About Minds At Play

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Minds at Play recognises the challenges often associated with engaging youths with disabilities. Our program aims to offer a safe environment in which players can experience the following social aspects, while playing a well established social and fantasy based game involving role playing and self awareness.

  • Ice Breaking
  • Opening up
  • Communication
  • Finding common ground
  • Establishing a common bond
  • Safe Social Interactions
  • Having fun

What Dungeons & Dragons can do for players

  • Learn to Make Decisions
  • STEM Skills
  • Socialise in a Safe Environment
  • Inspire Imagination and Creativity
  • Encourages Conversations
  • Teaches Teamwork, Collaboration and Conflict resolution
  • Make New Friends
  • Gain Self Confidence
  • Explore Self Through Characters
  • Safe Outlet to Express Emotions of Frustration
  • Learn About Consequences in a Safe Environment