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Our Mission

Minds At Play recognises the challenges often associated with engaging children, youth and adults with disabilities. Our gaming sessions aim to offer a safe environment in which players can have a positive social experience, while playing a well established social and fantasy based game involving role playing and self awareness.

Why Play Dungeons and Dragons and Explorative, Cooperative Multiplayer Games (ECMGs) Online?

There are a few situations when seeking out an online group that may make sense for your child, teen, or yourself other than the fact that it’s fun.

It’s always fun to play in person, but online games offer a few benefits that in-person sessions don’t.

How you might benefit from an online group for Dungeons & Dragons or ECMG if:

  • Having recently relocated, you are still getting used to the new social circle.
  • You are homeschooled and are looking for ways to spend time with peers.
  • You live in a rural area, or someplace where there aren’t tons of local options for getting involved in a social group.
  • You feel less anxious about meeting new people online.
  • Health or pandemic reasons require you to stay home.
  • It’s been hard for you to click with people at school or other social gatherings.
  • It is important that you are part of a social group where consistency is assured with the same Games Master and other like-minded peers for 10 weeks.

Getting out into the world and making new friends hasn’t exactly been easy in recent years. Playing online means our games are accessible to pretty much everybody, no matter who you are or where you live in Australia.

After spending so much time at home, our online social programs can be a safe first step back into the post-quarantine world. We find that many children, youth, and adults feel more comfortable socialising online anyway, so it’s not quite so overwhelming to meet new people in a virtual game.

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