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2024 TERM 2 - Starts 13th May 2024

Miniature Painting Class Social Group – Registrations now open for Term 2



Available for ages 13 and up, our miniature painting program will help participants work on their fine motor skills and concentration levels through art.

Participants will learn techniques, and skills to help develop both their miniature painting hobby and also how to express themselves. 

You will learn the art of painting miniature models, from detailed brushwork to colour theory and miniature painting techniques.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process step by step, helping you to develop your skills and creativity. 

No previous experience is required – our class is open to beginners and experienced painters alike.

We provide all the materials you need, including high-quality paints, brushes, and miniature models. 

What we’ll work on

  • Fine motor control
    By working on small miniatures with detailed brushes.
  • Art and colour theory
    learning how colours interact with each other to achieve realistic looking miniature models
  • Painting techniques
    learn essential miniature painting techniques to achieve good looking metals, textures and colours. 
  • Self-expression
    helping participants learn to express themselves through the medium of art.
Dandame Reaper
Scott Dwarf Paladin
MR. twig WIP Cleric

Program Details:

Ages: 13–17 years, 18+

Day/Time: 8 weeks commencing 13th May 2024

2.5 hours per week  (Choose from days and times available on the registration form below.)

Please note that sessions are based on the New South Wales time zone and that times are in AEST.

Location: Online

Tools and minis included

    • Miniatures according to Term 4 theme.
    • Paints for each miniature model.
    • A set of synthetic hairbrushes.
    • Paint shades for achieving darkness and shadows.
    • Brush on primer for fixing mistakes.  

Program Price: $30 (once-off registration fee) +$625 (for 8 weeks, 2.5 hours a week)

Please note that program costs will have to be paid before resources can be shipped out and the spot is confirmed.

You may choose to pay privately for this service, or if you have NDIS funding (Self and Plan Managed) you may use the funding allocated in the following:

Capacity building supports – Improved Social and Community Participation.

Core – Daily Activities & Social, Community, and Civic Participation.

Miniature Painting Class - Registration Form