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Minds at Play Information Session

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Are you a parent seeking innovative ways to help your child develop essential life skills? Are you a Support Coordinator or Allied Health Professional, eager to discover new avenues for fostering growth in the individuals you support? Look no further! Minds At Play warmly invites you to our exclusive information session led by co-founder Dwayne Fernandes.

About Minds At Play

Minds At Play is dedicated to fostering social growth, teamwork, and confidence in individuals. We believe that learning and personal development can be enjoyable and engaging. That’s why we utilise well-known games like Minecraft and Dungeons and Dragons to create unique experiences that promote these important life skills.

What to Expect

During this information session, Dwayne Fernandes, our co-founder, will guide you through the heart of our mission. You’ll gain insights into how we:

Cultivate Teamwork

Learn how games like Minecraft and Dungeons and Dragons are expertly designed to encourage collaboration, communication, and problem-solving within a team.

Foster Social Growth

Discover how participants develop essential social skills in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, leading to improved relationships and increased confidence.

Build Self-Confidence

Understand the transformative power of accomplishment within the gaming world, in a supported environment, and how it translates to boosted self-esteem and resilience in real life.


Who Should Attend


Explore innovative ways to support your child’s personal growth journey while they engage in activities they love.

Support Coordinators

Uncover novel strategies for assisting individuals in your care, enhancing their overall development.

Allied Health Professionals

Discover an unconventional avenue to enrich the lives of those you work with.

Join us in this enlightening session and take a step toward unlocking new dimensions of growth through play. You’ll leave equipped with valuable insights that can make a genuine difference in the lives of the individuals you support.

How to Register

To reserve your spot at our information session, simply select the right event below and provide your details. Please ensure that you register for the right session. Parents sessions are run separately to support coordinators and allied health professionals. Session times are based on Sydney, NSW (AEST) time zone. If you require additional information, please email or call us. We’d be more than happy to assist. 

We can’t wait to share our innovative approach with you and demonstrate how Minds At Play can make a positive impact on individuals’ lives.

Support Coordinator and Allied Health Professional Information Session

Parents Information Session