Creating Lifelong Friendships: The Story of Group 10 at Minds at Play 

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At Minds at Play, our primary goal is to foster meaningful connections and friendships through our engaging gaming groups. One exceptional tale that exemplifies the power of our program is the story of Group 10, a remarkable assembly of five strangers hailing from different states. These individuals met online through our popular Dungeons and Dragons Program and, against all odds, formed deep bonds that will last a lifetime, all thanks to the supportive community we provide.

Initially known as “the purple ones,” this group of young adults joined our program in late 2020 with the shared desire to find a welcoming space to embark on their Dungeons and Dragons adventures. In their very first session, which took place on a Thursday evening, these five strangers united as an adventuring party, crafting their characters, developing backstories, and honing their unique abilities. As the session drew to a close, it was clear that a connection had already formed. Without hesitation, everyone exchanged contact information on Discord, eager to continue the discussions and forge deeper connections.

Throughout their inaugural campaign, the bond between the newly formed adventuring party of five grew stronger with each passing session. As their characters explored a fantastical realm, partially shaped by their collective imagination, something magical was happening outside the game. Beyond the confines of the scheduled sessions, these newfound friends started spending more time together online, engaging in lively conversations, theorizing about the game, and eagerly anticipating their next Thursday night session. What had started as a shared interest in Dungeons and Dragons quickly evolved into genuine friendships, as they discovered a common ground that extended beyond the game.

The online gatherings on Discord gradually transformed into cherished moments of genuine camaraderie. These meetups ceased to revolve solely around their shared adventures in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, as the group became invested in one another’s lives and interests. The role-playing game provided the framework for their initial connection, but it was their shared experiences, laughter, and mutual support that solidified their bond. Whether they were rolling dice or pretending to be an Elf, the game served as a catalyst for their enduring friendship. Four years later, Group 10 is still playing together every Thursday evening.

Group 10’s remarkable journey serves as a testament to the power of gaming communities in fostering meaningful connections. At Minds at Play, we take pride in providing a safe and inclusive environment where individuals can come together, discover shared interests, and build lasting friendships. The story of Group 10 is just one of many instances where our program has transcended the virtual realm, allowing people to forge connections that extend far beyond the confines of a gaming session.

Join us at Minds at Play, and who knows? You might just find your own lifelong friends along the way.

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