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2024 TERM 3

Registrations for Minecraft Social Program for Term 3,2024 is Now OPEN.
Making friends and having fun, a social group program

Minds at Play recognises the challenges often associated with engaging children, youth, and adults with disabilities. Our participants get to have a positive social experience while playing fantasy-based role-playing games, in a safe environment.

Available for ages 6 and up, this program has been developed to build confidence in a range of social and communication skills. Each player has a specific role, and they work together as a team to build a model while practising other vital skills such as sharing, listening, joint attention, and problem-solving.

They’ll have fun, explore their creativity and interact with others in a supported digital environment.

What we’ll work on

  • Collaboration – by working as a group to achieve a common goal
  • Joint problem-solving, sharing, and turn-taking – taking turns in different roles, working on the build together
  • Maintaining attention – staying focused on the task to build the models
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication – using language and text skills to express ideas and feelings
  • Creativity – in building the models and free playtime
  • Social growth – helping your child make friends, greet others, and develop sharing and turn-taking skills.
  • Conflict resolution – working through differences for a shared aim
  • Emotional development – learning to understand and talk about emotions (their own and other people’s), conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills.
  • Communication and literacy skills – expanding vocabulary around social and emotional development, increasing literacy skills and language development through peer activities.
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Program Details:


-Young Children: 6-7 Years

-Children: 8–12 Years

-Teenagers: 13–15 years

-Young Adults: 16–18 Years

-Adults: 19+ years (No Age Limit 🙂 )

Term 2: 23rd July 2024- 29th September 2024

Day/Time: 10 weeks

Choose from the days and times available on the registration form below

Young Children Group: 1.5 Hours per week

Children Group: 2 Hours per week

Teenagers, Young Adults, and Adult Groups: 2.5 Hours per week  

Location: Online

Program Price:

Young Children: $30(once-off registratrion fee) + $470 (for 10 weeks)

Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults:$30 (once-off registration fee) +$625 (for 10 weeks)

Please note that sessions are based on the New South Wales time zone and that times are in AEST.

Please keep this in mind when choosing days and times of sessions.

Requirements: A compatible computer/laptop that can run Minecraft JAVA edition and have a good internet connection. If you don’t have JAVA edition, you can purchase it through Minds At Play during the sign-up process.

You may choose to pay privately for this service, or if you have NDIS funding (Self and Plan Managed) you may use the funding allocated in the following:

  1. Increased Social & Community Participation – Category 9
  2. Improved Daily Living – Category 15
  3. CORE – Assistance with Social, Community & Civic Participation – Category 4

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